Friday, March 04, 2011

Documentary: Changing Rooms

This terms module is 'Documentary Photography' and I have decided to do a typologies style project looking at the architecture of park changing rooms.  In some ways it might seem quite a random choice of subject, but I find the very basic architecture of the buildings and strange paint effects appealing, and the usage (or lack of it) and history of the buildings interesting.  Several were not originally built as changing rooms for sports, so they themselves have changed use (for example one I discovered was built for the 2WW as a decontamination centre in case of chemical weapon usage), but I also like the idea of them as a metaphor for the way people change - not just the changing clothes but in the sense that they almost, for the length of their game, become another person.  A bit Mr Benn like.  

I will be shooting with a Hasselblad, using Kodak Portra 160VC.

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