Monday, October 25, 2010

Film stills

I've had a very hectic month or so with work so have been a bit quiet on the blog front, but at the beginning of October I started back at Uni again.  The practical module for this term is Constructed Photography, introducing us to staging and lighting (in particular flash) and producing narrative based imagery.

Our first project was due in today, a submission of six images in the style of film stills.   I decided to go down the Cindy Sherman route, partly as I like some of her work but also from a practical point of view, as I didn't have to worry about coordinating models.  I didn't start with a specific theme or film genre although B-movie style played some part, and thriller influenced me in order to try and create a sense of unease, the unknown.  My main aim though was to try some of the different lighting techniques we have been introduced to, like mixing ambient light and flash, using fill in flash, motivated lighting, making day time look like night time, bounced flash etc.  They are ok, although I'm not sure I particularly like any of them, or they are that successful.  Perhaps if I'd not been the subject, or had more time to refine my ideas and the lighting, then I might've liked them a bit more!  But, at least it's given me the opportunity to try out a few new techniques.